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TeslaCon 2013

The Airship Archon will proudly be presenting many panels at TeslaCon 4 this year! The convention is an immersive experience from October 31st through November 3rd. We have our own panel room called The Airship Aerodrome. Look for signs saying Airship Archon! Come by all our panels and learn everything there is about steampunk!

Our Schedule of Events and presenters:

Boiled Leaves – Tony, Tea Lady
Charm & Swagger – Tony, Ozzy
Steampunk is Everywhere – Gloria Zender, Sarah Hans
History of Hyseria – Gloria Zender
High Times – Sarah
Prop & Costume Alchemy – Sally, Aaron Ijams, Terry Griner
Steam Lolita – Sarah, Sally
Put your Glamour On – Sally
Disaster to Dashing – Tony, Aaron Ijams
Groups & Gatherings (SP210) – Gloria Zender, Tony , Sally
Steampunk vs Neo-Victorian – Sally, Tabitha Braglin


Teslacon website:


Wizard World Ohio Comic Con

Thanks to all the visitors this weekend at Wizard World Ohio Comic Con! Hello to all our new members! And most importantly, THANK YOU to all the people who volunteered their time and props for our fantastic display table. Participation is what keeps us growing and getting more awesome!

Thanks for volunteering time & Props:
Gloria Zender, TerAnn Voderberg, David Voderberg, Brian Kollig, Terry Griner, Jennilee Cookman, & Tony Ballard-Smoot.

For props:
Kieron Bigron Stewart & Betty Ann Lickman.

Get well soon to Kieron & Douglas Kauffman.

And finally, Special Thanks to Jennilee for securing our table at the Convention and coordinating everything!



4th Annual Airship Archon Picnic

This Sunday at the Whetsone Park of Roses, we will be holding our 4th Annual Archon Picnic! Everyone is welcome to join. We will be having lots and lots of food (provided by each member, pot-luck style), nerf weapons, and generally socializing. Kids and pets are welcome if they are well behaved. Invite your friends if they’re interested in learning more about steampunk!

4th Annual Airship Archon Picnic September 15th

Upcoming Events:

Wizard World Ohio fan table for The Airship Archon September 20-22 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center

Build Day September 29th at Columbus Idea Foundry

Pandoracon October 11th in Cincinnati, OH

Build Day October13th

Ohio Renaissance Festival October 20th

Archon: The American Dream November 9th at The Ohio Historical Society


As always, you can see more events and details at our Facebook page.


DogCon Thanks

Thanks to Sarah for organizing the event at DogCon this past weekend. Thanks also to Kieron, Gloria, & Jennilee for presenting the panel. You are all awesome! Thank you for your work. It is appreciated by the entire Ship!


Some upcoming events to annouce as well:

Build Day August 17th

Heart Walk August 24th

September Sewing Clinic September 8th

4th Annual Airship Archon Picnic September 15th

Build Day September 29th

Pandoracon October 11th

Build Day October13th

Ohio Renaissance Festival October 20th


Steampunk Empire Symposium Thanks

I thank everyone in the Archon who came out to Steampunk Empire Symposium this weekend. Even more thanks to those who stepped up and entered the Games and/or spoke on Panels. YOU are what makes this ship amazing. Thank you a million times and lets all keep on being amazing!

I’ve Uploaded the few pictures the Captain & I took during the weekend:

Steampunk Empire Symposium


Website Update


Home: Now shows Who We Are rather than being a blank title page

FAQ: Added the whole page! (Renamed “Charter” on 4/23/13)

Crew: Updated Bios

Contact Us: Updated that the comments box can be used by both crew and strangers.