Captain Anthony LaGrange is the founder of the Airship Archon and started the group in 2008. He is a maker, modder, model and organizer who utilizes his jack of all trades experience. He uses a fair amount of wit and charm to help promote not only his ship but the Steampunk community as a whole. He can often be found traveling to conventions and other events around the Midwest and East Coast. Usually socializing, promoting and laughing with friends. Captain LaGrange is available as a panelist on different aspects on Steampunk culture, modeling and for custom creations.


Miss Salena Van Eycke for long, Sally for short, is the Airship Archon’s wonderful First Lieutenant and head of Ship Entertainment. In cooperation with her shipmates, she gathers ideas for new and different events that everyone would like to attend. It is her duty to make sure everyone knows when and where an event is located, how to get there and what is expected of everyone when they arrive. As the Mistress of entertainment, it is also her incredible pleasure to make her crew comfortable and happy while abroad. After all, libations and food always make a crew closer!


Miss Leah J Wilde, tour guide, time navigator and ship steam-stress.

Well born English gentlewoman who has traveled the world and is something of an adventuress. Writes travel guides and sews for herself and the Archon crew in her spare time. Came to be aboard the Archon when the ship stopped near her current travel location and she asked to be taken on - after all, she'd never traveled by airship before and it sounded simply marvelous.

Sharif al Akkari AKA: "The Phoenician" is the airship's architect and engineer, charged with keeping the finely tuned ship afloat. The Phoenicain also designs and creates leather armor and accessories for the crew and other members of the steampunk community.  In order to create many of these works he uses his architectural background along with the help of robot guided lasers and routers to create many of his works.  When not in his workshop, he can be found helping the captain lead panels, at various conventions, on steampunk props and fashion design. 

Melora Dashwood is the ship's psychic and crochet enthusiast. She enjoys long walks in the aether, reading everyone's tarot (whether they like it or not) and crafting blasphemies out of whatever flotsam she can find. As the Archon's second lieutenant, Miss Dashwood makes sure her nose is in everybody's business. She loves dressing in Rajpunk, having recently returned from a stint in Indostan, where she learned a number of things, including How To Meditate and Why We Shouldn't Eat Cows. In another life she is Sarah Hans, Buddhist, Steampunk and horror writer, who attends conventions all over the Midwest with the crew of the Archon, presenting panels and generally causing mayhem.

Bio coming soon.


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