Airship Archon Charter

The Airship Archon is a group of Steampunk enthusiasts interested in spreading knowledge, fun, and tolerance across the American Midwest and beyond. The purpose of this charter is is to elucidate the group’s policies in the spirit of transparency and honesty. If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comment thread, or message one of our officers. This document was last updated: April 22, 2013Officers

The officers of the Airship Archon are divided into the Command Staff and the Officer Corps. The Command Staff is comprised of:Captain Anthony LaGrange (aka Tony Ballard-Smoot): The Pretty figurehead. Tony started the airship. He plans events, presents panels at conventions, acts as a point of contact for other groups, networks with local businesses and coordinates our appearances at conventions. Salena Van Eycke (aka Sally Van Eycke): First Lieutenant/Ship’s Entertainment. Sally is responsible for making sure everyone’s having a good time. She plans most of our events, presents panels at conventions, and keeps the Archon website ( updated and current.Sarah Hans: Second Lieutenant/Communications Officer. Sarah tries to make sure the crew is aware of the airship’s events and goings-on. She sends Welcome Messages to new members, polices the Facebook page, and updates the Google calendar ( She also presents panels at conventions and occasionally plans an event. The Officer Corps is comprised of:Jennilee Cookman: Convention Liaison. Jennilee’s primary duty is communicating with conventions at which the airship plans to appear. She also presents panels at conventions. Gloria Zender: Education Officer. Gloria strives to bring knowledge of cosplay, sewing, and other skills to the masses. She primarily plans events like sewing clinics, where members of the airship can share skill sets, and presents educational panels at conventions. Jan Dennison: Master of the Arts. Jan lends her talents as a graphic artist to the Archon by designing business cards, flyers and other promotional items that the group uses. Stephanie Bain: Ships Treasurer. Stephanie handles all moeny that is earned from Archon event and balances the book. She is also influential in obtaining the groups non-profit status.

Joining the Officer Corps is pretty easy. Here are some suggestions:- Be reliable and responsible. Show up to events and follow through if you say you’ll do something. – Show initiative. Plan events, or offer to help out at existing events. Volunteer for panels at conventions. Generally,the Command Staff will notice that you’ve become an integral part of the airship and will invite you to join the Corps. If, however, this hasn’t happened, please remember that we’re human. Don’t panic! You can contact Tony Ballard-Smoot via Facebook message about joining the Corps. When you contact him be sure to:- Explain why you think you’d be a great addition to the Officer Corps.- Suggest a role for yourself that will fit into our existing Corps. The members of the Command Staff will discuss your proposal and determine whether you are an appropriate addition to the Officer Corps. If you’re added to the Officer Corps, it will require three months of probation before we add you to the website and the charter (the document you’re reading right now) and grant you full privileges (like passwords and such). This is mainly because we want to make sure you’re the right fit and also because it’s a real pain in the butt to update everything. We want to make sure you’re going to stick around before we go to all that trouble. The Command Staff will determine if they want a member of the Officer Corps to join them, though this will be rare. The Command Staff is not some kind of super-secret special club. It’s just the people who have been around and committed to the group for a really long time. Decisions are reserved for the Command Staff because we have a rapport and because those decisions are most likely to affect us more than anyone else.

Occasionally it does happen that someone is promoted to officer and they stop fulfilling their duties. After three months of failing to complete their duties, follow through, or attend events, the Command Staff will determine whether the person in question should remain in the Officer Corps. Removal will not be an abrupt surprise. The individual will be sent an email or Facebook message by the Captain letting them know of the Command Staff’s concerns. If they continue to fail to fulfill their duties, they will be removed. If an officer is removed from the Officer Corps, but wishes to rejoin at a later date, he or she must reapply, and will be subject to the usual probationary period.

If the officer takes a hiatus, however, and responsibly assures that his or her duties are covered before removing himself or herself from the Corps, full privileges will be granted immediately upon return. We all have lives outside of Steampunk that sometimes have to take precedence; no one will be punished for this if they’re responsible about it. Abdication from Officer Corps is also an understandable option when you can’t devote enough time/resources to be an effective officer for the group. We do ask that this be brought up immediately at a staff meeting or on the private Staff/Officers Facebook group. There may be a way to restructure/delegate responsibilities to keep you on, and if not, we can discuss a replacement officer for your roles.Staff/Officer Meetings are not super secret. We meet only once or twice a year to discuss Stuff That’s Complicated. Most items we handle on the Command Staff/Officer Corps Facebook group (no, you cannot join the Command Staff/Officer Corps Facebook group unless you’re a member of the Command Staff or Officer Corps). We mostly talk about events and conventions and other issues. It’s actually pretty boring stuff–we don’t have orgies, or sit around gossiping. We Get Stuff Done. We publish the meeting minutes when we get around to typing them up so everyone can see what we’ve discussed. We’re working on some sort of badge or ribbon that would make our officers easy to identify at events. Stay tuned!

Events: Anyone can create an airship event. We do request, however, that you please contact Sally Van Eycke (via Facebook message) before you plan your event, just to avoid conflict with existing events or events in the works. If you don’t want to be responsible for running an event but you have a great idea for one, please contact Sally. She’ll be happy to help you!Everyone and anyone is welcome at Airship Archon events, as long as it’s an age-appropriate event. We pride ourselves on being open, accepting, and tolerant, with respect for everyone regardless of race, religion, sexuality, etc. We value loyalty, goodwill, responsibility, respect, and tolerance. If you display these traits, the Airship Archon wants YOU!We do have expectations for the behavior of our crew at events. Expectations vary depending upon the event, however some expectations are universal:- Kids are welcome at many of our events (especially the annual picnic) but must be supervised by an adult. Even teenagers. You can’t bring your child and drop him or her off and leave. If you’re unsure whether an event is appropriate for your child, please leave him or her at home. – Behave appropriately and respect the venue. Purchase items if you can, to support the local businesses who let us use their space. At the very least, be polite and respectful and stay out of the way of customers. We want business to increase when we’re there, not decrease!- Remember to be friendly and polite to everyone, even non-Steampunk “mundanes” who may ask you very pointed questions about your outfit (our favorite is “Are you in a play?”), and members of rival airships or other Steampunk groups. This should go without saying, but we’re saying it anyway: Please try to be an example of the group’s open, tolerant philosophy. If you are offending officers or we hear a lot of complaints about you from crew members, you will receive a warning message or email from the Captain. If the problems continue, you will be asked not to attend our events anymore, and you’ll be banned from the Facebook group. We have never had to enact this rule, which is a testament to the quality of fabulous people in our group, but it’s important to have a plan in place just in case.

The Facebook Group: Anyone is welcome to post to the Facebook group. We ask that you keep your posts relevant to the group’s interests: Steampunk and Victorian history, cosplay, literature, and media. Keep your posts PG-13. Posts should be of a positive nature, i.e. “I love this cosplay, let’s talk about why it’s great” and not “I hate this cosplay, let’s rip it apart for fun.” We have a zero-tolerance policy for posts critical of another person’s race, ethnicity, body type, gender, etc. The Communications Officer will simply delete such posts and comments without warning. If you habitually make such posts, you will receive a warning message, and after that you will be banned from posting if the offensive posts continue. We have never had to ban someone for posting offensive material; this is another just-in-case rule. If you post a lot about your project, band, novel, etc. but you don’t come to events or participate in any other discussions, you will receive a warning message from either the Captain or the Communications Officer. If you continue to spam the group, you’ll be banned from posting. This isn’t a platform for promoting your project; it’s a community.

Convention Panels: Members of the crew are welcome to volunteer for convention panels. We’re always happy to add new faces and voices to our panels. New blood keeps things fresh and exciting. If you want to be added to existing panels or you have an idea for a shiny new panel, please contact the Convention Liaison, Jennilee Cookman, via Facebook message and she’ll help you get started. Panels are not for everyone. If you volunteer to help out, we do have some expectations for panelists:- Communicate with the Convention Liaison and other panelists before the convention. – Show up to your panels early and ready to be awesome. – Contribute to the panel. Your fellow panelists are counting on you to be prepared and do some of the talking. It helps if you are already knowledgeable about the panel topic or at least interested and willing to do a little research.- Don’t monopolize the panel. If there are other panelists, don’t talk over them or interrupt them. Allow everyone a chance to weigh in on the topic. – Respect the moderator. Don’t call on audience members if you’re not the moderator. Let the moderator direct the flow of the panel and take the reins. Questions and Complaints

If you have an issue that you think needs to be addressed at a meeting, please bring it up to the Communications Officer, Sarah Hans, or the Captain, Tony Ballard-Smoot. There is also a Comments Box on the official website ( You may bring it up at any time. The item can probably be addressed in the Staff/Officer Group, and if not then we’ll determine whether to meet about it. Don’t pester us about it. Mention it once and then let it go! We’ll address it when we have a chance.

Please message the Communications Officer, Sarah Hans, or the Captain, Tony Ballard-Smoot, before you post your complaints publicly. You can also talk to any of the other officers if you don’t want to talk to Sarah or Tony. There is a Suggestion Box on the website at if you prefer to remain anonymous.

We’re all friends here, and we’re happy to listen to valid concerns. There’s a good chance that whatever you’re upset about is a misunderstanding. We’d rather deal with it privately than create a bunch of unnecessary drama. Thank you for understanding.