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TeslaCon 2013

The Airship Archon will proudly be presenting many panels at TeslaCon 4 this year! The convention is an immersive experience from October 31st through November 3rd. We have our own panel room called The Airship Aerodrome. Look for signs saying Airship Archon! Come by all our panels and learn everything there is about steampunk!

Our Schedule of Events and presenters:

Boiled Leaves – Tony, Tea Lady
Charm & Swagger – Tony, Ozzy
Steampunk is Everywhere – Gloria Zender, Sarah Hans
History of Hyseria – Gloria Zender
High Times – Sarah
Prop & Costume Alchemy – Sally, Aaron Ijams, Terry Griner
Steam Lolita – Sarah, Sally
Put your Glamour On – Sally
Disaster to Dashing – Tony, Aaron Ijams
Groups & Gatherings (SP210) – Gloria Zender, Tony , Sally
Steampunk vs Neo-Victorian – Sally, Tabitha Braglin


Teslacon website: http://teslacon.com/


Steampunk Empire Symposium Thanks

I thank everyone in the Archon who came out to Steampunk Empire Symposium this weekend. Even more thanks to those who stepped up and entered the Games and/or spoke on Panels. YOU are what makes this ship amazing. Thank you a million times and lets all keep on being amazing!

I’ve Uploaded the few pictures the Captain & I took during the weekend:

Steampunk Empire Symposium


Ohayocon 2013

On behalf of The Captain, Sarah & myself, I want to personally thank everyone who helped out at Ohayocon 2013 this past weekend. Our panels were a great success; They were well-attended and a good conversation was opened between us and our audience. I want to single Jennilee out for being an excellent liaison between the Archon and Ohayocon. Her help is what allowed us to put on panels, so thank you Jenni!