The Command Staff

Anthony LaGrange

Captain and Founder of the Airship Archon
Photo by Rob Manko

Model, maker, speaker and enthusiast – Tony works to promote himself, his crew and the steampunk community as a whole. He extensively travels around the Midwest and East Coast working within the community in a variety of roles. He plans events, presents panels at conventions, and coordinates our appearances at conventions. Contact for additional information.

Deviant Art
Model Mayhem

Sally Van Eycke

 Sally Van Eycke
First Lieutenant & Ship Entertainment
Photo by Sarah Hans

Sally is in charge of planning adventurous outings, Build Days, picnics and parties! If it involves something fun, food and drink, she’s there making sure everyone knows where to be, when to be there and what to expect. She plans most of our events, presents panels at conventions, and keeps the Archon website updated and current. A clothing enthusiast at heart, if you need help putting together an outfit, this is your lady. Have an idea for an event? Please don’t be shy to ask our Mistress of Entertainment what to do to make it happen!

Model Mayhem
Lady Van Eycke’s Grooming for the Discerning Steampunk Lady

Sarah Hans

Sarah Hans
Second Lieutenant & Communications Officer
Photo by TerAnn Voderberg

Sarah Hans is the Second Lieutenant aboard the Airship Archon, as well as Chief Ohio Valley Correspondent for Doctor Fantastique’s Show of Wonders, an award-winning Steampunk news site. As Communications Officer, she tries to make sure the crew is aware of the airship’s events and goings-on. She sends Welcome Messages to new members, polices the Facebook page, and updates the Google calendar. She presents panels at conventions and occasionally plans an event. She’s also a fiction writer and editor: her stories have appeared in Historical Lovecraft, Candle in the Attic Window, and Volumes 1, 2, and 4 of The Crimson Pact series. You can read about Sarah’s adventures in the aether and find more of her fiction at her blog linked below.

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 The Officers

Jayne Chateau

Master of Arts
Photo by Chad Humphries

Jayne is an incredibly talented mixed media artist. Her artistic talents are used by the Archon to create promotional flyers for our events. Her interests include art, science fiction, costuming, fabrication and most importantly: DRAGONS!   See her art through the link below.


Leah J. Wilde

Convention Liason
Photo by Neitling Photography

Leah J. Wilde answers to Miss Wilde, Leah, and, on occasion, her real name! She is well known aboard the Archon for her sewing skills and has been named the ship’s steam-stress by Captain LaGrange. More than willing to share her sewing knowledge and budget costuming tips, Leah is one of our main panel presenters during convention. As Convention Liaison, Jennilee’s primary duty is communicating with conventions at which the airship plans to appear. You can read about her sewing exploits at her blog, Miss Leah Wilde’s Sewing Blog.

Steamy Sewing

Gloria Zender

Education Officer
Photo by Gloria Zender

Gloria strives to bring knowledge of cosplay, sewing, and other skills to the masses. She primarily plans events like sewing clinics, where members of the airship can share skill sets, and presents educational panels at conventions.